Poèmes sur le vitiligo

Kinjal Sanghavi vit à Mumbai, en Inde. Elle est atteinte de vitiligo depuis son adolescence, et
suite à des années très difficiles pour accepter son vitiligo, elle a décidé de l’apprivoiser.
Depuis plusieurs années, elle a écrit de nombreux poèmes pour aider tous ceux qui sont
touchés, de près ou de loin, par le vitiligo. Avec beaucoup d’émotion, de philosophie, de
sincérité et de courage, elle a mis les mots sur son histoire, qui est peut-être la vôtre aussi.

Elle nous a autorisé à reproduire ses poèmes sur notre site internet : voici donc sa
contribution à la meilleure connaissance du vitiligo, et à l’acceptation. Bonne lecture !

Voici quelques uns de ses poèmes :

What you have in your life
Is precious
Your caring family
Is precious
Your home
Is precious
Your close friends
Are precious
Your work
Is precious
Your health
Is precious
Your hobbies
Are precious
Your laughter
Is precious
Your happiness
Is precious
Don't cry for the things which you don't have
Don't cry for the things which you cannot afford
Instead take pride in those, which you possess
Because they are

Our life is full of hurdles
Then too we overcome it with courage
But the biggest hurdle comes
At time of settling down
We prefer a partner with similar appearance
But becomes very difficult to find it
Due to suggestions from closed ones
We start looking for different options
A person whose vitiligo is not visible
Refuses it due to visibility
A person who wears prosthesis
Refuses it due to appearance
A person who has minor disability
Refuses it to even meet
We get frustrated, demotivated and shattered
Due to rejections
But always have trust in god
He must have surely written a script for us
Though, currently we are going through tragedy
But there will be surely
Tonnes of happiness for us all

If there could be some magic,
For those morons
Who shamelessly stare at people having vitiligo
Would automatically get the vitiligo
Then, imagine how beautiful life would be
There would be comfort zone everywhere
There would be no negativity
There would be no inferiority complex
There would be complete mental peace
There would be respect for every individual
There would be no regrets
There would be no partiality
There would be only happiness
There would be no limitations
This magic is just fictional
But, if these morons in society
Stop staring
Then, indeed it will be a magic
The journey will surely become a pleasant one

No one can ever accomplish
Everything in their life
During the journey
Something always remains missed out
It could be due to
Luck or
Circumstances or
Family restrictions or
Financial conditions or
Responsibilities or
Lack of courage or
Ego or
Work schedule or
Health issues
Recalling them and regretting over them
Is just waste of time
Instead, embrace your present
And make it most memorable

The society we are living in
Is completely adulterated
While hugging a fake smile on the faces
And later bitching about them
The society is very biased
Towards people having Vitiligo
According to society, Vitiligo is
V: very common term
I: issued in public interest
T: to
I: insult
L: let down
I: isolate
G: every gender
O: from optimism
The foundation of inferiority complex is laid by society
And staring comes as a complimentary gift
Just a failure in pigmentation
Can’t stop us from achieving our goals
Positive attitude with self confidence
Is enough to tackle the society
It is not a contagious disease, nor does it harm us
So why all the fuss about
If Michael Jackson was not affected
So why should we be
Once shyness will always be shyness
Should not be that vulnerable
That gets bitten by dust
Physical beauty is temporary
While inner beauty lasts for lifetime
Never be ashamed of oneself
As up there is supreme power which selects best for us
Always believe in,
Whatever happens
Happens for the best

Vitiligo is not a disease
But people treat it as more than a disease
The way melanin stops forming the skin color
The same is the way society stops mingling with them
The one who enjoyed life to the fullest
Starts cursing life after getting it
Everybody advises them with some or other remedy
Without knowing that there is no perfect remedy
The once close buddies before Vitiligo
Distances from them after discovering Vitiligo
The comments of people are like a bullet fired
Which without hurting, pains a lot
There is a shuffle of friends
As fake friends disappear and true friends stay
The sight of people changes
As they start zooming their eyes each and every time
Virus of partiality soon starts spreading
As from everywhere there is demotivation
Vision changes, Behavior changes, Outlook changes
Just a mere change in physical appearance
Brings a lot of transformation in their lives

Whenever we go to a wedding
Everyone enjoys a glimpse of us
Whenever we go to parties
Everyone enjoys a glimpse of us
Whenever we travel
Everyone enjoys a glimpse of us
Whenever we go for a stroll
Everyone enjoys a glimpse of us
Whenever we go for shopping
Everyone enjoys a glimpse of us
Don’t feel shy
Due to constant surveillance
Don’t feel complex
Due to constant surveillance
Enjoy this attention
Enjoy this stardom
As a true showstopper

We love fashion
But due to circumstances
We sometimes amend our taste
We replace short sleeves with long ones
We replace stylish neck with standing collar
We replace shorts with jeans
Many of them mock our dressing sense or
Make fun of our taste
We too sometimes feel suffocated in this cage
But, if we make us free
Then there is our society waiting in queue
To stare at us
To demotivate us
To make us uncomfortable
So, for sake of our peace
And to retain our confidence
We adopt suffocation
As our dressing sense

I am witty
I am smart
I am funny
I am sarcastic
I am an artist
I am creative
I am beautiful
I am sexy
I am strong
I am kind
Unfortunately, you didn’t notice anything
Unfortunately, you didn’t experience anything
Coz you only focused on my patches

If any person
Differs in appearance from others
Does anyone take efforts
To know them
Does anyone take interest
To know their ambitions
Does anyone spare few minutes
To befriend them
Does anyone take initiative
To motivate them
Does anyone show solidarity
To hold their hand
Everyone loves to make fun of them
Everyone enjoys staring at them
Everyone takes pride in asking a questionnaire to them
Have you ever pondered
How much they go through everyday
How they battle this uneducated society
We preach about inner beauty
We like quotes on inner beauty
But, if it really existed
They hadn’t had to suffer torture
They hadn’t had to live in a nutshell
They hadn’t had to be a victim of sympathy

We get up in the morning
And prepare for the double challenge
One which god throws at us
And the other one by society
During commutation
Many stares at us
We don’t bother
In office
There are some who feel awkward with us
We don’t highlight it
In social functions
There are plenty who tries to sideline us
We still try to be calm
We too get offended by this behavior
We too experience breakdown and cry our heart out
We too hide it from our parents and pretend to be strong
Everyone enjoys a glimpse of white patches
But no one notices the
That is felt
From the day it started
With every day when it expanded

Childhood is that stage
Where there is no competition
Where there is no self-importance
Where there is no stress
During childhood, the common place to hang out
Is the garden
It teaches the lessons of life
But we hardly notice it
The swing used for swinging
Teaches us
That life will have both ups and downs
So learn the art of composure in both the situations
The slide apart from excitement
Teaches us
That in life nothing is permanent
Once which was on top, do comes at bottom
The see saw apart from giving enjoyment
Teaches us, that in life
Balancing every relationship
Is of utmost Importance
The mud castle made with innocence
Teaches us
Never be proud of one’s achievement
As it gets knocked down either by people or by nature
So, if you ever feel low due to failures
Or feel egoistic about your achievements
Just recollect these childhood lessons
It will surely solve your problem

The most dangerous virus
Which gives only stress
Which gives only sorrow
Is comparison
We compare our life with others
But we sideline the fact that
Everyone’s journey is different
Everyone is born with a different destiny
Everyone gets according to their deeds
Due to this constant comparison
We start developing an inferiority complex
About our life
About our achievement
About us
With comparison
Happiness becomes invisible
Success becomes tiny
Life becomes boring
Enjoy your own journey
Learn from your mistakes
Celebrate your success
But never ever get infected by the virus of

Everything in your life will not happen
According to your wish
So, learn to adjust yourself with the circumstances
Everyone in your life will not behave
According to your expectations
So, learn to adjust yourself with double faced people
Every crisis in your life will not take place
According to your comforts
So, learn to adjust yourself with the sudden changes
If you learn the technique of adjustment
You can easily sail in every tide of your journey
Without anger, regrets and frustration

We are tagged as Dalmatians
We are viewed as aliens
We are sidelined by society
But, everyone forgets
We are humans
We have feelings
We have ambitions
Don’t isolate yourself
But, face the world
Don’t curse god
But, accept your destiny
Don’t compare your life
But, live it with pride
Don’t get hurt by people’s vision
But, ignore them with confidence
Don’t stop dreaming
But, achieve it with courage
Live, Laugh, Love, Let go
That’s my appeal to one and all

We all have heard the phrase
Ignorance is bliss
But, never thought to incorporate it
In our lives
Let’s try to incorporate it
Ignore it
When your white patches expand
Ignore it
When people stare at you
Ignore it
When someone sidelines you
Ignore it
When someone makes fun of your white patches
Ignore it
When someone tries to demotivate you
Ignore it
All this ignorance
Will help you to retain your confidence
And will make your life

During school days, I was stared at by all
I thought it’s their innocence
So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade
During college life, I was treated as alien
I thought its consequence of my appearance
So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade
During job interviews, I was sidelined
I thought it’s their bad luck
So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade
During my job, I was treated as odd man out
I thought it’s their illiteracy
So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade
During social functions, I was harassed
I thought it’s their ritual
So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade
During millions of times, I cursed my destiny
I thought to crib is just a waste of time
So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade
During many nights, I was shattered
I thought it’s irrelevant to bother about the society
So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade
During my journey
I learnt to only focus on my dreams
So, my sparkle never got fade

Practice positive thinking
Observe positive things
Speak positive words
Include positive feelings
Teach positive lessons
Instruct positive suggestions
Visualize positive results
Execution of above all
Sums up a medicine
That is called
It is a medicine
Which helps in healing everything
It acts as injection
For negativity
It acts as ointment
During difficulty
It acts as tablet
During struggle
It acts as capsule
For stress
Consumption of this medicine
Gives us
Strength, patience, happiness, motivation and satisfaction
It is one of the important medicines
Which is prescribed by doctor
At inception of every treatment
Consume this medicine everyday
To live a
Healthy and stress free life

It depicts your strength
It depicts your maturity
That is forgiveness
You were insulted
You were mocked
You were left out
You were criticised
You were ill treated
Leave it
Forget it
Forgive it
Thinking of revenge
Will give rise to hatred
And burn you from inside
Recollecting the same thoughts/incidents
Will even snatch your present happiness
While forgiveness
Will help you to enjoy
A stress free life without any grudges
Every bad action/deed
Will be reciprocated by supreme power
Have faith in him
And move ahead in life
Revenge spoils relations
While forgiveness binds relations
Revenge brings anger
While forgiveness brings peace
Choose an option
That depicts you as a wise person
Rather than weak

Negativity is like a drug
In the beginning
One just thinks a bit
One gets addicted to it
And eventually
One can’t live without it
It makes one’s life
Miserable, stressful and sorrowful
To get rid of this
Some may consult psychologist or
Some may practice meditation or
Some may start reading positive quotes
Never fall for this drug
As you will get trapped into it
Never consume this drug
For someone’s failure, unhappiness or downfall
Coz it will destroy you with its side effects
Without even harming others

Everyone goes through it
So stay calm
When you experience it
Everyone will poke you
So stay cool
When you experience the torture
Everyone will de motivate you
So stay strong
When you experience the disturbance
Everyone will make fun of you
So stay focused
When you experience the nuisance
Everyone will write you off
So stay patient
When you experience the pain
Everyone can bounce back
So stay confident
When you experience the phase

For a change
Uplift someone having a bad day
And make them happy
For a change
Uplift someone going through financial crisis
And make their life free of stress
For a change
Uplift someone experiencing severe work pressure
And make them relieved
For a change
Uplift someone passing through low phase
And make them cheerful
For a change
Uplift someone facing constant failures
And make them strong
When everyone is busy in pulling each other down
For a change uplift someone’s spirit
And set a precedent for others

This all happens
When we face failure
As one celebrate success
One should also celebrate failure
Success is worth it
Only if it is followed by failure
Enjoying in success is easy
But smiling in failure is bit difficult
Staying depress
Will only lead to stress
Never do comparison
Coz it will bring only tension
Don’t hide from the world with fear
But face everyone like a warrior
Don’t consider yourself a waste
As it is just a phase
Who said to live in an exile
When there still exists life
Enjoy your favourite food
Hang out with friends
Watch movies
Read books
Explore new places
Prepare yourself for next beginning
Don’t swim with the tide
But enjoy failure like a joyful ride
As it is said that
“Win as if you were used to it
Lose as if you enjoyed it for a change”

You have thousands of reasons
To remain unhappy
But, try to find a reason
That makes you happy
When thousands of reasons
Makes your life annoying
Find a reason
To make it interesting
You have thousands of reasons
To curse your destiny
Find a reason
To thank your destiny
When thousands of reasons
Tag you as a looser
Find a reason
To emerge it as a winner
Reasons give you experiences
Reasons tests your patience
Some uses reasons to criticize
While some loves reasons to learn

Sometimes, when we go through tough times
We want someone to tell us
Don’t lose your patience, you will come out of it
Sometimes, when we go through constant struggle
We want someone to tell us
Don’t lose your hope, you will surely succeed
Sometimes, when we go through severe stress
We want someone to tell us
Don’t lose your courage, you will be fine
Sometimes, when we go through failures
We want someone to tell us
Don’t lose your confidence, you will reach at the peak
Sometimes, we are surrounded by many people
But, someone who can push us with these words
Are indeed very rare

It’s better to cry in private
It’s better to not discuss the wounds
It’s better to hide the pain
It’s better to protect our dignity
It’s better to escape from the laughter
It’s better to ignore the advises
It’s better to wipe off our tears by our self
It’s better to splash water to fix those puffy eyes
It’s better to keep our emotions secret
It’s better to act once again as normal

What will happen tomorrow
Will, I will again face failure
Will, my dream will come true
Will, my stress will vanish
Will, my critics will acknowledge me
Will, my tomorrow will be better than today
These and many more thoughts comes to our mind
When we think of tomorrow
But, in this fear of tomorrow
We missed today’s laughter
We missed today’s memories
We missed today’s existence
Whatever is written in destiny will surely happen
So, enjoy your today
Without thinking of tomorrow

If you are
Physically disabled or
Look different in appearance
You may had cursed god or
You may have stopped believing in him
Due to all the hardships you went through
But, god never leaves anyone in sorrow
God will surely compensate you
With some special talent
This talent will divert your mind
This talent will heal your pain
This talent will boost your confidence
This talent will make you smile again
This talent will help you to cherish your life
Karma gives the pain
But, a perfect painkiller
Is always prescribed by the god

One bad day and
It results into frustration
It results into anger
It results into stress
It affects our mind
It affects our heart
It affects our diet
It affects our happiness
One bad day and
We conclude it with bad destiny
We conclude it with bad people
We conclude it with bad life
We don’t try to control our temper
We don’t try to listen to anyone
We don’t try to divert our mind
We don’t try to cheer ourselves
One day gets spoilt
And we derive at so many conclusions
While people who lost their body parts on fateful day
Moves on and still cherishes life